The Best 3 Projectors We Recommend Now (April 2023)

Oct 9, 2023 | Recommendations


In 2021, the market for projectors is flooded with many high-quality and affordable options, as a result, it can be challenging to find the best projectors. We have tested many projectors and have a list of recommendations suited to your needs. Whether you are looking for the best projectors that can rival the experience of a movie theater, or a portable projector that you take with you on the go, or simply just a cheap, starter movie projector to put in a small room, we have you covered, jump to choose the best projectors you are after.


Trends for Projectors

Over the past year, projectors have become one of the fastest growing tech entertainment products because of their much-improved picture quality, more affordable prices, and becoming highly comparable to (and in some cases, better than) the “traditional” TVs on the market. (Market Watch)


Not only does it allow you to bring your friends and family together for a fantastic bonding experience, you can also bring some of that magical movie theater experience to your own home in these difficult times where social distancing is the new norm. (Modern Intelligence)



Family with one of the best outdoor projectors in the backyard

Benefits of Projectors vs TVs

One of the key benefits of a projector vs TVs is that the screen size can scale depending on the size of your room by adjusting the distance it is positioned, (most mid-range projectors today have a display size range of 45″-200″), for instance a comparable 75″+ TV will probably cost you an arm or a leg and is only going to be one size, so what can you do if you if you had to move it to a small space?


Refresh rates and picture quality from projectors have also come a long way and today some of the best projectors we’ve tested are highly comparable to 4k OLED TVs. However, most projectors will require the room to be dark in order to get a good viewing experience.

Projector Light vs Dark Room Comparison

Projector Light vs Dark Room Comparison

Choose your use case and what the best projectors you are after:

Ultimate Home Theater Projector

  • I want the ultimate home theater, sports and gaming experience that is  comparable to an OLED TV

  • Short throw design, requiring a mere 20″ (50cm) distance from the wall (similar to putting a TV on the entertainment shelf)
  • Super crisp 4K images and popping HDR color laser projection for the best images (comparable to an OLED TV)
  • Comes with Android TV that includes smart TV apps like Netflix
  • 120-inch projection screen
    2,000,000:1 contrast ratio (comparable to an OLED TV)
  • Super bright and can be used in a room with open curtains

  • 40,000+ hour laser lamp life
  • Fast response time for gaming

– It cannot be mounted on the ceiling (or wall mounted like a TV)

Best Portable Projector

  • I want to take the projector with me and use it anywhere
  • I want t use it in a small space

  • Easy to set up and use anywhere
  • Only weights 26oz (74g)
  • LED lamp with 30,000 hours of life
  • 720p screen and scale to 100″ in size
  • Built in 9-watt speaker
  • Built in Android TV app
  • 2.5 hours of battery life
  • Needs a dark room to use
  • The built-in speaker is quiet, more suitable for small rooms

Affordable Starter Projector

  • I want the ultimate home theater, sports and gaming experience with comparable OLED TV performance

  • Affordable starter home movie projector costing around $500
  • 20,000:1 contrast ratio, bright bright enough to cover a 160-inch screen
  • Bright display with a 4000-hour bulb life
  • A higher contrast ratio for better colors
  • DLP screens which are better for motion compensation at lower resolutions
  • Short enough throw to be used in smaller rooms
  • Small enough to be used in the backyard for summer movie nights
  • Picture may be more washed than a LED TV
  • Lower resolution

Final Words

To sum up, projectors have vastly improved in picture quality and affordability and today it has become a great alternative or replacement to the TV or home theater experience that we were used to.


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